Participation of UPES members at the Energy 2023 conference

The Association of profesionals in enegy „Savez Energetičara“ organized the 38th International Energy Conference from September 12 to 15, 2023 in Zlatibor at Hotel Mona. The topic of the consultation was “Energy independence of the region in the light of global disturbances – a new reality”. According to the organizers of the Conference, it has definitely reached such a level that they represent the vanguard of the energy sector, because the interaction of science and profession with energy companies and industry related to energy, enables a deep analysis and improvement of applied and future technologies, the existing regulatory framework and the economic and financial environment.

As part of the session “Electricity networks and markets in energy”, Dunja Grujić, UPES member, and Miloš Kuzman, vice president of UPES, presented three papers from the field of renewable sources and the electricity market under the titles: “The role of communities of renewable energy sources in the energy transition”, “New model of electricity calculation of customers-producers” and “Improving the method of calculating access to the electricity distribution system”.

As part of the session “Connecting the power sector with the heating, transport and industry sectors”, UPES member Dejan Ivezić, discussed the topic “INDUSTRIAL WASTE HEAT POTENTIAL FOR MEETING HEAT DEMAND IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA”. As part of the session “Multisectoral tasks in the area of ​​environmental improvement on the path of the Republic of Serbia towards the EU”, Boban Pavlović, UPES member, wrote a paper on the topic “Strengthening the energy transition in the household sector in Serbia: an integrative approach”.

Maja Turković, UPES member, participated in the panel “Development of modern energy infrastructure in the context of energy storage needs”.