• Assembly
  • Board
  • President
  • Expert Council
  • Secretary

UPES may have other organization permanent and ad hoc units.

UPES may establish other advisory bodies or sections which would be engaged in particular fields within the energy law or in particular legal and academic question of relevance for energy law.

UPES may be member of other associations and have cooperation with other association active in field of UPES work.


The Assembly consists of all members of the UPES.

The Assembly ordinarily takes place every year.

The President is elected for the term of 3 years.

The President of the General Assembly is Milan Đukić.


The Board is executive body responsible for implementation of the set goals of the UPES.

The Board has seven members whose mandate is 3 years.

The members of the Board are alphabetically:

  1. Dr Branislava Lepotic Kovacevic,
  2. Milos Kuzman, MA LL. M.,
  3. Vuk Stankovic,
  4. Mira Todorovic Simeonides, LL. M.,
  5. Milos Lakovic,
  6. Nikola Radovanovic,
  7. Dr Dragan Veljic,
  8. Iva Djindjic Cosic, LL. M.,
  9. Dragoljub Cibulic.

The Board elects from its members the President and two Deputies.

The President of the Board is Branislava Lepotić Kovačević PhD.

President of the Board is President of the Association.

The Deputies are:

  1. Miloš Kuzman and
  2. Vuk Stanković.

Editorial Committee

The UPES Editorial Committee edits articles and texts in the field of energy law and related areas of law, published on the UPES website, with the aim of contributing to achievement of the goals of UPES in accordance with the Statute.

Permanent members of UPES Editorial Committee are:

  1. Branislava Lepotic Kovacevic; and
  2. Dragoljub Simonovic.

Members by invitation of UPES Editorial Committee are:

  1. Mira Todorovic Symeonides;
  2. Dragan Veljic;
  3. Iva Djindjic Cosic;
  4. Milos Lakovic; and
  5. Isidora Nikolic Savin.

Project Preparation Committee

The UPES Project Preparation Committee is operationally involved in project design and preparation of project documentation, with both prior and subsequent instructions from the UPES Board, with the aim of contributing to achievement of the goals of UPES in accordance with the Statute.

Members of UPES Project Preparation Committee are:

  1. Milos Kuzman, president;
  2. Sladjana Mihajlovic, member;
  3. Maja Kovacevic, member;
  4. Varvara Aleksic, member;
  5. Marina Mitic, member; and
  6. Vuk Stankovic, member.

Other Organizational Units 


UPES may have other permanent or ad hoc organizational units.

Permanent organizational unit is Expert Council responsible for dealing with strategic issues of the UPES development, provide proposals, initiatives and opinions on the most important issues related to implementation of the UPES plans and activities and deal with other issues related to determination and achievement of the objectives of the UPESExpert Council have an advisory role on all professional issues of the Association, and it coordinates and supervises all other advisory bodies, in case they are established.

UPES may also establish other advisory bodies or sections dealing with certain areas in the field of energy law or certain legal and scientific issues of relevance to the energy law.