Membership of UPES is open to citizens of the Republic of Serbia or foreign nationals, lawyers by profession, with professional and/or scientific background in the field of energy law.

Exceptionally, membership may be open to experts and/or scientists from other areas that deal with energy and who make a significant contribution in technical, financial or other energy-related issues.

Members of UPES may either be:

  • regular members
  • associate members and
  • honorary members

Application Form

Membership admission is carried out in accordance with the Board decision.

Why I want to be member of the UPES?

Members of the UPES have right to participate in work of UPES and Assembly of the UPES. Regular members have right to be elected for the UPES Institutions in accordance with the Statute of UPES. All members of the UPES have right to propose and be involved in drafting of the Work Plan, projects realization, such as conferences and educational programs. There will be a special fee discount for the members involved in activities which require fee.