The Environment

Energy law in the Republic of Serbia has been practiced since the establishment of the first power plants and wells on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

This area of ​​law was given special recognition with the enactment of the first Law on Energy of the Republic of Serbia from 2004 and has developed since then through further legislation and legal practice.

The fact that the concept of Energy law is still in its infancy and that legislation and legal practice is ever evolving paved the way for establishing the Serbian Energy Law Association (UPES) as a professional association of, primarily lawyers, and representatives of affiliated professions in the field of energy, who as associate members support the UPES activities.

The founding session of the Serbian Energy Law Association (UPES) was held on June 12, 2018. The association was registered with the Business Registers Agency on June 22, 2018.

UPES is in the status of member of the European Federation of Energy Law Associations (EFELA


Objectives of the association

  • promoting energy law and legislation in the field of energy and providing a better understanding of legal issues related to the energy sector;
  • connecting experts in the field of energy law;
  • acquiring new knowledge in energy law;
  • exchanging experiences in providing energy-sector services and contracting investment projects, safeguarding against all types of risks and all other areas encountered by lawyers, engineers and economists in the energy sector – which are the practical objectives underlying the establishment UPES;
  • providing (at national, regional and European level) discussion forums for energy law and comparative law in the energy sector, for the purpose of improving the legal framework and practice of energy-law application.

How to achieve objectives

  • education and professional development of members in the field of energy law of the Republic of Serbia (newsletter, handbooks and publications, organizing trainings, courses, seminars and workshops);
  • establishing a network of individuals and associations which deal with energy;
  • networking with other associations dealing with the same areas;
  • disseminating information about national and comparative studies, articles and other scientific and professional studies in the field of energy law;
  • publishing news related to developments in the field of energy law through the Association’s website.