UPES election assembly was held

At the UPES election Assembly held on 11 June 2021, the president of the UPES Assembly and the members of the UPES Board were elected. The mandates of the president of the Assembly and the President and members of the Board are 3 (three) years. At the same time, the President of the Board is the President of UPES.

For the president of the Assembly was elected:

  • Milan Djukic.


Also, for the members of the Board were elected:

  • Dr Branislava Lepotic Kovacevic, president.
  • Milos Kuzman, MA LL. M., member,
  • Vuk Stankovic, member,
  • Mira Todorovic Simeonides, LL. M., member,
  • Milos Lakovic, member,
  • Nikola Radovanovic, member,
  • Dr Dragan Veljic, member,
  • Iva Djindjic Cosic, LL. M., member,
  • Dragoljub Cibulic, member.