Report from the round table "Security of energy supply in the new energy legislation package of the Republic of Serbia"


The second Round table of the Serbian Energy Law Association (UPES), titled “Security of energy supply in the new energy legislation package of the Republic of Serbia” was held in co-operation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on 10 June 2021. A new package of legislation in the area of energy that will affect the security of energy supplies to the economy and population has been discussed.

The Round table was opened by Simon Ilse, director of the Heinrich Boell Foundation – Belgrade office. He noted that this legislation package is particularly important in establishing a balance between climate change and energy and energy security needs. Iva Djindjic Cosic, a member of UPES, presented the provisions of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Energy concerning the security of energy supply and key planning documents, of which the National Energy and Climate Plan is particularly important. She warned that supply security has its say insufficient energy in the market and needs to ensure the functioning of the energy grid system in order to deliver energy to consumers. Isidora Nikolic Savin, a member of UPES, in its presentation compared energy supply provisions from the Law on Amendments to the Law on Energy with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

Milos Kuzman, vice president of UPES, analyzed the rules of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Mining and Geological Explorations, which are important for the security of supply and continuous supply of sufficient quantities of mineral raw materials. He raised questions about the impact of conventional energy such as coal, oil and gas on climate changes.

Milos Lakovic, a member of the UPES Board and a consultant to the Ministry of Mining and Energy in drafting the new Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and auctions for incentives for the use of these forms of energy, explained the concept of innovation in the field of incentives that will be determined through bylaws. He added that the energy transition that has been put in place through this package of regulations will also have its expression in the new rules for prosumers. VW International NBT director Neda Lazendic, a member of UPES, spoke as an investor representative for renewable energy sources. She stressed the importance of certainty, which is built by this legal framework, for each investor and assumed that investments in this area would develop.

The Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy has a specific impact on security of supply, said Dr Branislava Lepotic Kovacevic, president of UPES. Energy efficiency has its application throughout the energy cycle from production, through energy networks and energy transmission, to consumption. This law also introduces a new principle: reducing energy poverty by improving energy efficiency.

Vuk Stankovic, vice president of UPES, moderated the Round table. He concluded that further specialised UPES meetings are needed in order to in detail discuss about certain aspects of the new legal framework.


  1. Iva Đinđić Đosić
  2. Isidora Nikolić Savin
  3. Miloš Kuzman
  4. Miloš Laković
  5. Neda Lazendić
  6. Branislava Lepotić Kovačević