Event: Roundtable “Connecting electric power generation facilities to the Electric Power System”

A roundtable titled: “Connecting electric power generation facilities to the electric power system“, was held on 24 May 2022 at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and was organized by the Serbian Energy Law Association with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. office in Belgrade and the Bojović, Drasković, Popović and Partners law office. Experts in the field of energy spoke at the roundtable, with the presence of industry and energy sectors representatives.

The roundtable was moderated by UPES President Dr Branislava Lepotic Kovacevic, who, opening the event emphasized the importance of a new legal framework in the field of energy based on a package of energy laws from 2021, which as new legal sources created a new business environment. In her opening address, Nino Lejava, director of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. office in Belgrade, noted that it is a very important topic and that the use of renewable energy sources is a key instrument of the Green Agenda and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Ljiljana Hadžibabić, independent consultant in the field of energy and a member of UPES, discussed the technical conditions and costs of connecting to the electric transmission system. She explained the technical aspects of connecting power generation facilities to the transmission system and pointed to the types of connections and elements of the regulation of connection costs together with the explanation of the new institutes in the new legal framework. Iva Đinđić Ćosić MLL, member of the UPES Board of Directors, spoke about the regulatory framework for connecting to the electricity transmission system, the need to adopt and harmonize the necessary bylaws, pointing out the importance of this process given the energy policy of the Republic of Serbia and obligations under international agreements. Predrag Matic, Director of the Directorate of Planning and Investment, Elektrodistribucija Srbije d.o.o. Belgrade, discussed the procedure of connecting to the electricity distribution system. He detailed the procedure under which existing electricity buyers become prosumers. Miodrag Vuković, director of Conseko d.o.o shared his experience of connecting to the electric power system of solar power plants regarding both commercial and industrial facilities, and the experience of the first registered prosumer in accordance with the new procedure. Milica Pešterić, Senior Associate at Bojović, Draskovic, Popovic and Partners law firm and UPES member presented what worries investors in electric power generation facilities. The questions she has raised will be useful in improving investment procedures in renewable energy sources.

During the presentation of the panelists, there were discussions with participants, an exchange of knowledge and practical experiences, as well as open questions about the connection of new electric power generation facilities to the electric power systems. It was concluded that this multidisciplinary topic and the application of new procedures that encourage the use of renewable energy sources for electricity generation requires more discussions, education, and exchange of experiences at the local government level, as well as that it is useful to publish guides for specific procedures, which would, with a complete overview of the legal framework in one place, facilitate the application of both the individual and the institution that conducts those procedures.

The roundtable was held in a hybrid model and was followed by over 110 participants.


  1. Ljiljana Hadžibabić
  2. Iva Đinđić Ćosić
  3. Predrag Matić
  4. Miodrag Vuković
  5. Milica Pešterić