4th conference of the Serbian energy law association ENERGY PRICES – WHAT IS GOING ON?

December 8th and 9th, 2021

Since its foundation, every December, UPES has been organising an international conference, which has become traditional. The main topic of this Conference, which will be discussed during the two days of the Conference is: Energy Prices – what is going on?

The major changes that are happening to nature and society are simultaneously linked to energy and have a significant impact on the field of energy. Climate change and international regulations, such as the Paris Agreement, significantly affect the area of energy law and change the legal framework of most signatories to the agreement. The revolution in energy technologies and the energy transition are facts that have every day impact on the energy market. Also, the impact and consequences of COVID–19 virus, globally on the community and economies of the countries of the world, have and continued to have an impact on the energy market. All of the above, more or less functionally interdependent, has led to an increase in energy prices in the last month or so.

What happened? What was the impact of the SOP 26 conference in Glasgow? What will the final version and implementation of the European Green Deal look like in light of these events? What are the effects of these impacts on the general security of energy supplies? How would all of the above affect the security of supply and energy prices in Serbia?

The idea of the Conference is that during the two online sessions, which will be held each in one day, we will find answers to the questions asked. To that end, the working titles of these sessions are:

1) energy prices, the environment and climate change,

2) energy prices, supply and demand.

Participants at the Conference and its panels shall be lawyers and other respected energy experts from the Republic of Serbia and abroad, members of the European Federation of Energy Law Association – EFELA, national associations of energy law, representatives of professional associations, professionals of significant commercial entities of energy industry from the Republic of Serbia and abroad, representatives of institutions in the field of energy and other energy related institutions.

This Conference promotes the goals of the UPES. Your active participation and discussion will contribute to the affirmation and better understanding of this important legal area.

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